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  • Download the latest release installer:
  • Then run it (duh), setting the path to be whatever you want
  • You probably want to put C:\program files\testlistgenerator in your path (see
  • Add TestCategory attributes to your tests
    • Use the built in [TestProperty("Category", "YourCategoryHere")] (limited to one Category per Test); or,
    • Reference the TestListGenerator.Attributes.dll and use the [TestCategory("YourCategoryHere")] attribute, which allows multiple categories per test
// Example Using TestProperty
[TestProperty("Category", "LongRunning")]
public void Test()
// Example Using TestCategory - make sure to put it in your using statement
// Reference can be found in installation directory (C:\program files\testlistgenerator)
public void Test() 
  • Compile your code
  • Run tlg in the directory the code got put into (probably bin\debug). It will tell you what to do. Example:
tlg -d YourTests.dll -i LongRunning -o testlist.vsmdi
  • Run mstest - tlg will tell you the command line to use
mstest.exe /testmetadata:TestListGenerator.Tests.TestSubject.dll /runconfig:testlist.vsmdi /testlist:Included

I'd suggest putting the above in your build script / project config to automate everything... I might even make a custom build target one of these days...

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