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Latest Update - Launch Date 3/3/08

Project Development Blog:

It's Alive!!!

Ok, so I put in a couple of hours this morning tidying up some bits and pieces, and finally, the program actually does what it is suppoed to do :) You can download the alpha release from the Releases section.

Installation Instructions

Example Usage

tlg.exe -d MyProgram.Tests.dll -i LongRunning -i ShortRunning -e RemoteWebServiceCalls -o testlist.vsmdi

This will create a testlist file with 2 TestLists - Included (runs LongRunning, ShortRunning, but not RemoteWebServiceCalls) and Excluded (runs all the ones not in Included). The program then tells you the mstest.exe command line to use.

This is an alpha - it's not very well tested. I plan on writing some more tests and commenting some stuff tomorrow evening / later today.

Project Description
Visual Studio Team Edition 2008 currently does not support Categories when running tests. Categories (such as implemented in nunit) allow you to run specific subsets of your tests (e.g. You could have a LongRunning category, that only runs tests that are long running)

Visual Studio does allow you to run "TestLists" which are manually configured lists of tests. This program automatically generates a TestList based on the Category property of each test (e.g. TestAttribute("Category", "LongRunning"))

Project Direction

This project aims to be an automatic Test List Generator for Visual Studio. Currently, unless you have Visual Studio Team System - Test Edition, or the lofty Team Suite you can't create lists of Tests to run from the command line. On top of that, even if you do, the Tests have to be defined manually. This utility will allow you to create your own test lists.

Currently, I only plan on implementing one feature - Test Categories. Ever wanted to only run a selection of your tests? Have a really long runnning test that you only want to test every so often? Test categories are you friend. Before converting to use Team Foundation Server, I used to use nunit, which gave me the inspiration to implement categories for VSTS.

To read more about categories, see:

Hope you enjoy using it,
Shaun McCarthy

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